Tips On Guard Dogs

Tips On Guard DogsAre you looking for information on guard dogs, like how to train them or how to pick one? Let me share with you what I know. Hopefully you will have a better understanding once you have read through till the end.

Well pretty much any dog that is big can be a guard dog. In fact that is usually the case. People do not often pick small dogs to be their guard dogs. Usually it is the big dogs that can scare away strangers, not so much the smaller dogs. However, what’s really important is that you show your dog who’s a friend and who is not. Your dog needs to be familiar with that. You may have guests visit you once in a while. Introduce them to your dog so that it knows that they are not the ones it should be barking at.

At the same time, it is also important to ensure that your dog can obey your commands. What is the point of having a guard dog if it cannot obey you? If you are having problems disciplining your dog I suggest you deal with that issue separately and first before you teach it to be your guard dog. However if your dog has no problems with its discipline and can obey you without hesitating, then you can look into training it into your guard dog.

Now I want to point out that it is not really important to teach your dog how to attack a stranger. What’s more important is that you put your dog in your front yard. Its barking will act as deterrence. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, you will need to ensure that your dog knows how to distinguish between your friends and strangers.

Here’s something else you may want to take note of. Most dogs are naturally altruistic by nature, so you can rest assured that if your dog sees you in danger, it will most likely come to your aid. What’s really important is that you form a really tight relationship with your dog. If you do not treat your dog well, then chances are, it will not bother about you if you find yourself in danger.

While guard dogs may put on a ferocious front in the sight of strangers, they are actually very gentle creatures and they love company, so be sure to shower them with tender loving care. If you treat them with respect and love, they will return your kindness by protecting you and your family.

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